It’s all about the audio!!

Wedding Audio Speeches

We don’t think that capturing the story of your wedding day is just a video, we see your wedding day story as a film, and every great film MUST have great audio.  This is why to go to extreme lengths to make sure we have everything covered, and is why we invest heavily in amazing audio gear to record those very special times, and emotive dialogue throughout your day.

The audio is usually neglected because of the misconception that the success of a video production highly depends upon the quality of video.


We use broadcast quality lapel digital recorders during the ceremony for the groom and minister / registrar. This allows us to also pick up great audio from the bride too due to proximity and mic placements.

It goes without saying this is the main event of the day, and recording sound from a distance or directly on a camera is just not good enough.



This is a very important part of the day, and can also a difficult audio challenge if we are not in FULL control of the audio.

A lot of venues do not have a sound system and mic for you to use for your speeches, so guests are left struggling to hear.  We’ve all guests at those weddings!   The venues that do have an inhouse system are usually not very good resulting in poor sound from the speakers, and plenty of distortion from the mic.  It’s horrible and will sound just as bad in your film!

We get around all of that by bringing our own state of the art PA system. We use our own handheld wireless mics that are praised, and well known worldwide by most chart topping recording artists. Our PA system also has the most amazing clarity, packs some serious punch at 2kw! If you’d like to use it for background music during the food and before the DJ arrives, you are very welcome. This is perfect for marquee weddings!

Some other bits about sound

  • All main cameras also have professional directional boom mics attached.
  • All backup and safety cameras are also capturing secondary audio during the day.
  • We carry a number of backup audio devices and also record multiple tracks of dialogue at different levels to further protect the audio.
  • If possible, we will take a feed from the DJ for the first dance where we will be able to mix with the ambient audio we capture.

So how much extra does it cost all cost?  The answer is nothing, we put in the extra effort, and make the investments needed to provide all our clients with perfect audio on the day, and also perfect recorded audio for our wedding films.

We wouldn’t film a wedding without any of the above, as it needs to be a standard requirement for the best possible audio for your wedding film.  There is no comprimise!

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