The First Dance – Something new from 2019

As well as weddings, I love to try other new things to not only keep busy but to also allow me to use fun new equipment with a view of using them for weddings.  I’m continually looking for new ways to bring higher production value to my clients’ wedding day films.

Elizabeth, who is a professional singer approached me to see if can put a music showreel together for her.  I jumped at the chance as this was something new for me and also my mind was going crazy on how to film it.  Preparing for this theatre shoot, I added some new gear with the main addition being the camera crane.

The camera crane allows me to get some fantastic overhead footage. Just imagine how amazing your First Dance with the smooth sweeping overhead footage will look!  Amazing!

We will be including the crane footage as standard in all our future weddings that are at venues large enough to facilitate it, free of charge!

The crane will be used in our 2019 + weddings, and we can’t wait to put it into action.  The footage will be incredible and really maximise our clients first dance production value.

If you are reading this and still looking for a film team that really care about their clients wedding day, please do contact us to find out our availability.  You can find out more about what we offer here.

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